Touchdown Monitoring

  • Remote Touchdown
  • Monitoring (R-TDM)
  • ROV mounted-TDM
  • Vessel-mounted TDM
  • Piplines , flowlines , umbilicalas & cables

GeoSurvey provides real-time 3D visualisation solutions from proprietary scanning MBES (multi-beam echo sounder) – Subsea Visualisation Systems (SVS).

We put you exactly where you want to be

Working closely with your pipeline or cable installation team, we will provide a combination of equipment and personnel tailored to your requirements.
Our systems can be utilised in very shallow water, mounted on a small vessel or, in deeper water from an ROV where remote monitoring is required. Our TDM system can be operated in two modes:

  • Vessel or ROV-mounted touchdown monitoring where a vessel or ROV is installed with an SVS transducer and located above or close to the touchdown point (TDP) such that the actual TDP can be directly observed.
  • Remote Touchdown Monitoring (R-TDM™) where the catenary of the pipeline/cable is observed remotely and the touchdown point derived remotely using the software within.

With a wealth of experienced project management, field staff and a highly experienced development applications team, Geosurvey provides a high quality, cost effective touchdown monitoring service on a worldwide basis.