RIG Positioning

  • Tug Positioning
  • In-Field Moves
  • Subsea Worovers
  • Template and Guidebase Installations
  • Precise Positioning alongside Platforms

GeoSurvey offers a comprehensive range of positioning services to support drilling operation

We put you exactly where you want to be

We will provide a dedicated project manager to work closely with your drilling team. A full technical review will be undertaken at the project planning phase ensuring the most appropriate and cost effective systems are selected.
Our core survey services include:
  • Project Management - from planning through to execution of the works
  • Precise Subsea Positioning USBL and LBL Acoustics, Inertial Systems
  • Precise Surface Positioning - DGPS and/orLand Survey Laser Instrumentation
  • Specialised Software Solutions
  • Rig and Tug Management
  • Subsea Positioning
  • Precise Relative Positioning Computations
  • Purpose Designed Graphical Displays

With a wealth of experienced project management and field staff, Geosurvey provides a high quality, cost effective survey and positioning service to the offshore Oil.